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Intern in Brussels: an exceptional opportunity!

Why choose Brussels for your Erasmus?

Brussels is the European capital and the world capital of beer… but not only. It is an ideal geographical point of contact between Paris, London and Dublin for a first professional experience abroad.

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Internship opportunities on every street corner!

Brussels is above all a warm and human-sized city. The Brussels art of living and its rich cultural life are highly appreciated by foreign visitors. Brussels has the advantage of combining the spirit of the village with its vocation as a cosmopolitan and international city. It is the most multicultural city in Europe!

Brussels, as the European capital, welcomes thousands of Belgian and international trainees every year.

The 2,000 internships a year offered by the European Commission and the European Parliament are highly coveted. There are also a lot of federations, lobbies, associations… linked in some way to institutions that recruit trainees during the whole year.

Selection that you might be interested in

Companies ready to hire!

International companies such as Solvay, AUDI/VW, AKKA, Plastic Omnium,… also offer many internship opportunities within their companies.  Not to mention institutions such as NATO, Actiris (as through the Eurodyssey program), the WBI or museums such as the Museum of Africa, the Museum of Archives of the City of Brussels, etc.

In short, you have a wide range of internship opportunities in Brussels!

Find an internship in Brussels?

Finding an internship that combines everyone’s expectations is not always easy. Below you will find some ways to find the internship in Brussels:

Universities and colleges often offer internships abroad. They have agreements with companies and scholarships are available for students.

Some organisations offer programs for internships in companies, in Europe and elsewhere (such as WEP or EF).

Eurodyssey is an exchange program of the Assembly of European Regions (AER), which offers internships ffrom three to seven months abroad for young job seekers aged 18 to 30. The objective is to offer young people a unique and dynamic professional experience.

There are also several sites that offer internships in Brussels. Do not hesitate to consult them:,, …

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Finding the right accommodation at the right price in Brussels

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