Studios and flats

Depending on your needs (stay with family, couple, friends,…), your type of stay (work, tourism…), your budget, your desires… Brussels offers a wide range of accommodation. Whether you choose a guest room, a shared flat, a studio or an apartment, an airbnb-type residence, a hotel room, a campsite or even couchsurfing, Brussels can offer you it.

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Studios and Flats

The apartment is a dwelling composed of a set of rooms reserved for several uses such as the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dining room, separate bedrooms,… It is located in a part of a building or a residential unit.

The studio or flat is an accommodation composed of a single main room and accessory rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen,…

Depending on your needs (family stay, couple, friends, alone…), your type of stay (work, tourism…), your budgets, your desires… Bed and Brussels offers a wide range of studio accommodation or furnished apartments.