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About us


Bed&Brussels is who? What is it?

Bed&Brussels is first and foremost the Federation of owners of small capacity accommodation (less than 10 people) in Brussels (guest rooms, furnished apartments, flats, studios, shared apartments,…).

It is also your web tool to facilitate your short and medium term accommodation reservations in Brussels. On our site you will find many verified and controlled accommodation announcements in order to offer you the best possible accommodation experience. Our accommodation is suitable for all profiles, students, Erasmus, business, couple (or family) trips and tourist trips.

Bed&Brussels offers accommodation of different types such as Bed&Breakfast, studios, apartments, shared accommodation and kot. All these accommodations are furnished and the price shown is any charge included*.

Book a Bed&Brussels accommodation is the guarantee of a safe rental. In order to save time for our tenants and owners, the visits are carried out by our teams. This allows us to guarantee you accommodation that conforms to its description and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

The Bed&Brussels team is at your disposal by email or by phone (+32 2 646 07 37) and this in different languages in order to facilitate communication between owners and tenants.

Bed&Brussels, a 100% Belgian story!

Bed&Brussels is first and foremost an adventure on a human scale and Belgian style! Founded 30 years ago by Valérie, Olivier and Laurence, the company is now a key player in the Brussels real estate and rental market.

We are at the beginning of the 90s, the Internet is making its appearance and is gradually changing the world as we know it. It was then that an idea was born in the minds of our 3 young entrepreneurs: “to propose to the guest rooms of Brussels to rent their rooms on a web platform, in order to make them known”. The first versions of accommodation booking sites are developed by Bed and Brussels.

This is how Bed&Brussels was born, long before very, very big current actors 😉

Over the years Bed&Brussels and its team have developed and evolved to offer a wide range of accommodation, from the guest room of its beginnings, to furnished apartments and studios, while keeping a very local and friendly aspect.

Through hard work and professionalism, Bed&Brussels has been mandated by the government of the Brussels Capital Region to promote responsible and quality tourism for the Brussels Region.  Bed and Brussels actively participates as a member of the Strategy Committee of Visit Brussels (the Brussels Tourist Office).

Bed&Brussels is therefore a company on a human scale, Belgian and committed to offering you the best accommodation at the best price.

Bed&Brussels’ mission is simple: to offer a quality housing service, of short, medium and long term, in the Brussels region.  For both individuals and companies and this for stays ranging from 1 day to 1 year.

We believe that these are the values that truly define a company. This is why Bed&Brussels puts 3 essential values at the heart of all these decisions:

  • Quality service: the company makes it a point of honour to provide its customers (owners and tenants) with a quality service. The objective is to facilitate the rental and to allow each party to find his happiness in this type of rental.
  • Housing guarantee: an essential point that joins the quality service, each dwelling is visited and inspected before being rented by a member of the team. This provides added value and allows consumers to be assured that their housing exists, is of high quality and will be well received.
  • Individual and personalised follow-up: Every file is regularly monitored so that each step is as easy as possible. In the event of a problem, the personalized follow-up of the file makes it possible to quickly find a solution.