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For your stays in Brussels, several rental options are available.

Depending on your needs (stay with family, couple, friends,…), your type of stay (work, tourism…), your budget, your desires… Brussels offers a wide range of accommodation. Whether you choose a guest room, a shared flat, a studio or an apartment, an airbnb-type residence, a hotel room, a campsite or even couchsurfing, Brussels can offer you it.


A furnished apartment is a furnished dwelling, composed of a set of rooms of different sizes reserved for several uses such as the kitchen, bathroom(s), living/dining room, separate bedroom(s), etc. It is located in a part of a dwelling.

The apartment is a good option if you are looking for more independence during your short or long term stays.

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Furnished studios

The furnished studio is a dwelling consisting of a single main room (no separate bedroom) and accessory rooms (bathroom, kitchen, etc.).

The rental of furnished studios is increasingly in demand both by students or trainees on the move and by tourists passing through. It offers the possibility of being autonomous because the studio has a private kitchen and bathroom. But it is cheaper since it is smaller and has no separate room.

For a student, the studio is a quieter option for studying, especially during exams periods. But in general, they will also be responsible for the maintenance of they private space.

The location of the studio is important depending on the location of the course, work or of the tourist attractions you wish to visit. Check the rental situation carefully.


For a student, a studio apartment is a quieter option for studying, especially during blockade periods. But he will usually be responsible for the maintenance of his private space.


The location of the studio is important depending on where you want to go to school, work or tourist activities. Make sure you check the location of the rental.

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