Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions
  • Why become a host?
    • To make profitable by renting free spaces, whether it is a room, a shared flat, a studio or an apartment furnished and ready to live for short or medium term stays
    • To meet people and because you appreciate contacts
  • What are the advantages of working with B&B?
    • More than 28 years of expertise in short- and medium-term rental in Brussels
    • A local team to support you
    • Guarantees in relation to tenants (traceability via internship contract/training, contact details of the internship supervisor, banking information)
    • Support in case of problems with your tenants
    • A control on your prices and availability via an owner space
  • How does it work?
    • Contact us by email at or by phone at +32 2 646 07 37 to obtain the”owner’s manual”.
    • After reading the owner’s manual, send us an email to with a brief description of your accommodation, some photos
    • If the accommodation corresponds to the request of our clients, we will set up an appointment together to visit it.
      The first visit we make to your home is crucial.
    • It allows us to establish a precise description of the accommodation and the context of the accommodation (neighbourhood, residential or not,…) that you make available and to check if the accommodation meets our expectations.

    IMPORTANT: During the visit, the accommodation must be clean, tidy and free of any work.

  • Is there a commission to pay to Bed&Brussels?

    We ask an annual fee of 90 euros from the owner.

    We add a service charge on top of the total amount the client will pay.

    They vary between 11 and 16%.

  • How do I determine the price of my rent?

    Following the rent you have proposed to us (all charges included) based on our knowledge of the market, we will advise you and adjust the rent if necessary.

  • Are travellers checked?

    We provide you with guarantees in relation to the tenants (traceability via internship contract/training, contact details of the internship supervisor, banking information).

  • Do I meet the tenant before accepting the reservation?

    When you make a reservation request, you will receive information about your potential tenant (age, gender, reason for stay,…).

  • How long do I have to accept a reservation?

    24 hours maximum

  • What are the regulations for renting a furnished property in Brussels?

    For rentals less than 3 months old

    To operate tourist accommodation in the Brussels-Capital Region, you must be registered with Brussels Economy and Employment and meet certain conditions.

    Whether it is a simple room in your own home, a furnished tourist accommodation, a hotel or any other type of tourist accommodation, you must:

    submit a pre-exploitation declaration file in order to be registered in one of the categories provided for by the regulations;
    comply with certain conditions.

    For the procedures: Brussels Economy Employment

    Most of the accommodation listed on our site will either be listed in the category”tourist residences” or in the category”accommodation in private homes”.

    Bed and Brussels’ role is also to accompany you as a member in case you wish to start the process: Register on the website of”Brussels the place to be” to learn more.

    Heading: Tourist Residence/New Order

    For rentals of more than 3 months:

    Rentals of furnished accommodation of more than 3 months are not subject to the Ordinance of 8 May 2014 on tourist accommodation.

    It is just necessary to be in good standing with regard to the standards of the housing code which cover the following points: safety, health and basic equipment

  • What is the tax treatment for a furnished property for rent?

    We invite you to become a member of the Bed & Brussels federation to obtain the adhoc tax file, which clearly lists the general and specific cases of each taxpayer.  We also offer consultations with tax experts specialized in this field.

  • Are there any taxes to pay?

    -Communal taxes for furnished accommodation rented for more than 3 months

    For accommodation of more than 3 months, municipal taxes vary according to each municipality. It is therefore preferable to ask your local authority for information on the rates – or taxes – charged.

    -Regional taxes for furnished accommodation rented for less than 3 months

    Since February 2017, for accommodation of less than 3 months, the municipal tax and replaced by the regional tax, it is identical throughout the regional territory.

    For more details: Register on the  ‘’Brussels the place to be’’

  • How to be a good owner?
    • Welcoming: Know how to receive and share and make your hosts’ stay as pleasant as possible. It is important that you enjoy meeting people, interacting with them.
    • Be an ambassador for your city: your tenants will probably want to discover the assets of their new neighbourhood.
    • Remember that your future tenants do not visit the dwelling before staying there.
    • Check the condition of your accommodation regularly: remember that the cleanliness and hygiene of your accommodation is extremely important
    • Vigilant: please check the update of your schedule, get help from the tool at your disposal to do this.