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For your stays in Brussels, several rental options are available.

Depending on your needs (stay with family, couple, friends,…), your type of stay (work, tourism…), your budgets, your desires… Brussels offers a wide range of accommodation. Whether you choose a guest room, a shared flat, a studio or an apartment, an airbnb-type residence, a hotel room, a campsite or even couchsurfing, Brussels can offer you it.

Roommates and kots

Shared accommodation is a shared rental. It consists of moving into a house or apartment with several tenants.

There are many advantages for tenants to choose co-location:

Rent larger and share the costs

It is an option mainly chosen by students or young working people who can reduce their rent and expenses. It also makes it possible to rent a larger property than if you rent alone for an equivalent or lower price because the price is divided by the number of people present in the shared apartment. In addition, the costs are also shared.

Selection that you might be interested in

Meet people, not be alone:

Shared accommodation makes it easier to integrate into a new city and facilitates meetings. Shared accommodation also allows you to spend pleasant moments and to exchange, to find a lively place to live when you return home in the evening.

Meetings and stories for life:

Shared accommodation is a life experience rich in sharing and meeting. Anecdotes, memories, new social relationships or lifelong friendships. It can also be an opportunity to discover the culture of its roommates, who can be from different backgrounds.

What about the drawbacks then?

Set rules:

It is important to define a framework from the beginning so that community life does not become a hell. It is necessary to define together a respect for community life such as for household tasks, noise pollution, respect for others, sharing the fridge, etc…

Choose your roommates carefully:

There are no such things as perfect roommates! It is especially important to know what kind of roommate you are looking for. A roommate party party, a project kot, a more studious community,…? A pleasant agreement will be achieved mainly through good communication and some effort!

Finding the right property:

Not all properties are suitable for sharing. Then, you must sign a lease that suits everyone and provides for the potential departures and arrivals of tenants. There is now an official roommate lease!

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