Bed and Breakfast

Depending on your needs (stay with family, couple, friends,…), your type of stay (work, tourism…), your budget, your desires… Brussels offers a wide range of accommodation. Whether you choose a guest room, a shared flat, a studio or an apartment, an airbnb-type residence, a hotel room, a campsite or even couchsurfing, Brussels can offer you it.

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The guest room is an alternative to the classic hotel business. The owners offer a warmth welcome, a room and a breakfast and provide their recommendations to integrate local know-how as well as possible.

Sleeping during a weekend or more in a room at your hosts’ house or apartment. Accommodation in a private house and bed and breakfast are all terms used to express the fact of sleeping in rooms that open their doors in a spirit of exchange and friendliness.

The guest room is part of an ethical and sustainable tourism.

Depending on your needs (family stay, couple, friends, alone…), your type of stay (work, tourism…), your budget, your desires,…

Bed&Brussels offers a wide range of guest rooms.