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Original Brussels

Every city has its original corners, and Brussels is no exception.

Here are some examples:

  • The Royal Library’s rooftop vegetable garden Potage toit
  • A few steps away from the Place du jeu de Balle, rue de l’Hectolitre, behind a small shop window you will find the Hectolitre. A surprising place based on the exchange (Hectolitre)
  • The toilets of Saint Catherine’s Church are worth a visit: old urinals attached to the wall of the church
  • More than 3000 beers gathered in one place: Delirium Cafe
  • There is only Brussels surrealist to have its museum of underwear: Musée du slip
  • Dive to 33 meters in the depths of Brussels at Nemo 33 : Némo33
  • And dinner at 50 m height with : Dinner in the sky

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