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The different types of accommodation in Brussels

Your stay, your accommodation

Are you moving to Brussels where you are looking for accommodation for a day, a week, a month? Depending on the length of your stay, your budget and your desires, you will already orient your research towards a type of rental: an apartment, a house, a studio, a guest room, a shared flat, a youth hostel, a hotel, an airbnb or even a camping or couchsurfing. Once you have a specific idea, there are several ways to start your search for a rental.

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Furnished apartments and studios in Brussels

The most classic furnished rentals in Brussels are furnished apartments (1, 2, 3 bedrooms and more) and furnished studios.

The apartment is a housing unit composed of a set of rooms of different sizes reserved for several uses such as the kitchen, bathroom(s), living/dining room, separate bedroom(s), etc.). It is located in a part of a building or a residential unit.

The studio or flat is a dwelling composed of a single main room which includes, in some cases, accessory rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen,…

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Roommates and Kots in Brussels

In general, the kot is a room with an office and sometimes a kitchenette and/or a small bathroom with shower. Toilets, bathroom and/or kitchen can be shared.

You can “kotter in the home”, i.e. you will rent a room or a floor in your landlord’s house.  Or you can rent a “community kot”, i. e. several student rooms grouped in buildings of several kots.  Finally, you will be able to find a kot studio which is generally more spacious and offers a complete private space (your fridge, your bathroom, your kitchen…)

Shared accommodation refers to the fact of renting in common or more precisely sharing a dwelling in an apartment or house. A shared flat in Brussels means that you rent a room or perhaps a private bathroom – but not always – and share the kitchen, living room and household chores. Shared accommodation can be shared between friends or with strangers.

The colocation option can be a cheaper alternative, especially if you organize meals together. But the main advantage of shared accommodation is community life, not being alone when you come home from school or work. And above all, share good times together

Guest rooms

B&B rooms are furnished rooms in the home, designed to accommodate guests for one or more nights and provide breakfast.

The guest room is an alternative to the classic hotel business. The owners offer a welcome and make recommendations to integrate local know-how as well as possible.

It is an opportunity to discover local specialities, Brussels customs and traditions. To sleep on weekends or longer in a room arranged in your hosts’ house or apartment. Accommodation with locals, bed & breakfast, bed and breakfast, bed and breakfast are all terms used to express the fact of sleeping with real local residents who open their doors in a spirit of exchange and conviviality.

The guest house is part of an ethical and sustainable tourism.

Finding the right accommodation at the right price in Brussels

Count between 400 EUR and 650 EUR per month all charges included for a furnished apartment in medium term rental (1 to 6 months).

The Bed&Brussels portal will offer you a wide choice of different types of accommodation to rent in Brussels at fair and attractive prices.

Bed & Brussels offers personalised solutions for stays in Brussels and different rental packages from 1 week to 6 months.

The Bed & Brussels database includes more than 300 ads for furnished rentals: rooms, studios, apartments, shared apartments, host families… Each accommodation is visited, selected and priced by our team.

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