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The major cultural events

Discover Brussels through these great events

Brussels can be proud of its cultural agenda and its great annual events.

What to do in Brussels?
We’ll start with festivals of all kinds: Brussels Jazz Festival, Festival du film Fantastique, Couleur Café, …

Continuing on the musical theme, Brussels invites every year one of the most prestigious competitions in the world created in 1937: the Queen Elisabeth Competition

In another style, take part in the Zinneke Parade or the Gay Pride or come and see the Ommegang (historical and folkloric procession).

Brussels and its Grand Place, one of the most beautiful in the world, hosts an ephemeral show. Don’t miss the flower carpet that takes place every 2 years.

Breathe with Brussels

Come and discover a festival of outdoor activities in the heart of Brussels. Breathe and Brussels represents twenty or so players in the Brussels tourism industry. This collective offers a series of outdoor activities. You can safely rediscover Brussels, which has been voted the greenest city in Europe this summer.

Brussels Jazz Festival

Jazz fan? Come to the biggest jazz festival in Europe. This urban festival is free. Enjoy more than 100 concerts with open-air stages in six squares, indoor concerts in many bars, restaurants, clubs and bands.

brussels jazz festival 2018 at flagey | frontstagebackstage
brussels jazz festival 2018 at flagey | frontstagebackstage
brussels jazz festival 2018 at flagey | frontstagebackstage

The carpet of flowers

The Flower Carpet: an ephemeral show in one of the most beautiful squares in the world!

The Flower Carpet is 75 m long and 24 m wide. About a hundred volunteers assemble the carpet in less than eight hours. The Brussels Flower Carpet takes place every two years on the Grand Place.

Queen Elisabeth Competition

The Queen Elisabeth Competition was created in 1937. This world-renowned competition is intended to reward instrumentalists, pianists, violinists and cellists, singers and composers on an alternating basis from one year to the next. It is one of the most prestigious events in the world and the winners are often assured of a brilliant career

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