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Experiences from Brussels

Brussels, you are the one who speaks best about it!

On a couple’s trip, students, business man, city trip… we travel to Brussels for many reasons! Discover the opinions of these different people who have been won over by the charm of Brussels and who can perhaps advise you on all the wonders to discover in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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“The quality of the accommodation and hospitality made my stay even more pleasant. Brussels is a very pleasant city. The first surprise was to discover a city on a human scale despite the fact that it is known all over the world.

The second surprise was to discover the mixture of population and languages that this living city constitutes.

We were welcomed everywhere we went, it’s a stress-free city full of architectural and cultural things to see.”

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Aurélie, 2017 (France)

“Brussels has something to please everyone, it is the capital of Europe but also the capital of Belgium, we speak several languages. The food is very good and cheap compared to a capital like Paris.

I love the atmosphere and also the terraces in summer but also the Christmas market brings real festive atmospheres all year round to the city centre.

I recommend this city for a romantic trip!”

Joseph, 2018 (AU)

“I just returned from a long relaxing weekend in Brussels, and you must know how great it is, the people are very welcoming, we speak a little French and they love the fact that we try to speak their language. I highly recommend the City Bus which allows you to see the most beautiful parts of the city, moreover it is very easy to walk and discover some parts of the city on foot.

We love this city, the inhabitants are great, the beer, the chocolate and the jazz festival on the main square which was a nice surprise”

Jonhatan, 2017 (UK)

“I was there last year, but I’m still thinking about this city. It is clean, there are some beautiful parks all around, the “Grand Place” is a ‘must to be seen’ place, people are friendly, and they do not hesitate to speak English. Center of the EU, main administrative point of such a large organization, is a place that you wouldn’t regret to see, I promise.”

Rob, 2019 (USA)

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