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The must-see districts of Brussels

Discover the most popular districts of the capital! Strolling between the Grand Place, the markets of the Marolles district and the architectural works scattered all over the place is a must…

Grand Place

Nestled in the centre of Brussels, the Grand Place is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world.

The market is also worth a visit and all the monuments around combine grandeur and fantasy.

Feel free to walk along the pedestrian Boulevard Lemonnier or shop around on the Rue Neuve, which offers major international brands (e.g. Zara, H&M, Nike, etc.).


Ixelles is recognised for the remarkable diversity of its districts which make it such a rich area and one of the most prized municipalities in the Region:

  • The Toison d’Or district and its quality shops, the Flagey district has become one of the major cultural centres of Brussels,
  • The University district for its dynamism, the Matongé district (African commercial and associative district),
  • The European quarter or “Luxembourg” where the presence of the European Parliament generates a significant activity, the Châtelain district,…

Saint Gilles/Parvis/porte de Hal

The municipality is characterized by a heterogeneous population (age, culture, social, nationality,…). For example, there are large communities of foreign origin: mainly French, Greek, Moroccan, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian.

Saint-Gilles is the municipality where the Brussels-Midi station is located and it is one of the three major Brussels stations thanks to the TGV, Eurostar and Thalys terminals.

It is the new darling of Brussels. It is the neighbour of Ixelles and many of its qualities (architecture, parks, lively squares, restaurants and trendy bars…) are shared. It has the advantage of being cheaper (but it won’t last!).

European Quarter

The European Quarter of Brussels: these are lively squares, beautiful green spaces but above all most of the European institutions (Parliament, Commission, Court of Justice of the European Communities, European Court of Auditors, European delegations and representations…).

4 main places to find your way around the European quarter: Luxembourg Square and its many small terraces and restaurants on and around the square. The neoclassical architecture station square, nicknamed Plux, is the meeting place for young expats from the European institutions, especially on Thursday evenings. Ideal to immerse yourself in the international character of Brussels!


Le Sablon is one of the most attractive districts in the centre of Brussels, renowned for its more than one hundred antique and art galleries, an open-air antique market on weekends, renowned restaurants, romantic brasseries and cafés, a crowd of chocolate makers and its magnificent Gothic church, “Notre-Dame au Sablon”.

Upwards is the “Petit Sablon” garden surrounded by a wrought iron fence decorated with 48 statuettes representing crafts from the Middle Ages.

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