Partenaire : MSF Brussels, Belgique

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Partner MSF Belgium

The offices of MSF Belgium are located in the commune of Ixelles, near the Porte de Namur.
MSF Holland regularly sends its employees to learn French in Brussels on Avenue Louise.
Bed & Brussels offers accommodation close to these 2 poles on 2 communes mainly.

On Ixelles which is known for the diversity of its districts: the district of the Golden Fleece and its quality shops, the Flagey district which has become one of the major cultural poles of Brussels, the University district for its dynamism, the Matongé district (commercial and associative African district), the European district or “Luxembourg” where the presence of the European Parliament generates an important activity, the district of the Chatelain, …
And Etterbeek, a quieter commune that is particularly interesting for expats because of its direct proximity to the European institutions.

If you are an intern, a mobile employee or a consultant at MSF, depending on your needs, your budget, your desires … Bed&Brussels offers a wide range of accommodation: guest rooms, shared flats, studios or furnished apartments,…