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General terms and conditions and Bed&Brussels legal notices

Conditions of access to Bed&Brussels’ hosting service

To be able to benefit from the hosting service, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • For accommodation (excluding guest rooms): be on an internship, training or employment contract in Brussels
  • For accommodation (excluding guest rooms): be in possession of an internship or employment contract identifying the parties or be in possession of a certificate from the school.

Each rental of an accommodation or a guest room is subject to:

  • A rental contract drawn up between the owner and the trainee, signed on your arrival in Brussels (does not apply to guest rooms)
  • A deposit of a rental guarantee for the rental of a dwelling (does not apply for guest rooms). The amount of this guarantee is 4 weeks of the rent of the accommodation. It will be returned to you at the end of your stay as long as no damage has been caused and noted.
  • The rental is allocated to the number of people indicated on the contract. Any additional person will be charged an additional fee.
  • Depending on the accommodation chosen, an internal regulation may also be submitted to you by the owner. It will take over the internal rules of the accommodation in order to allow the best possible cohabitation.
  • An inventory of the premises of entry and exit can be carried out (not applicable for guest rooms)

PRICE INCLUDES EXPENSES (water, gas, electricity and in most cases internet) in case of excessive consumption a supplement could be charged.

Additional charges may be requested, which will be indicated in the detailed accommodation sheet. (not applicable for guest rooms)



General terms and conditions of Bed&Brussels (B&B)

General conditions for shared accommodation, furnished rooms, studios or apartments:

  1. B&B’s services are exclusively governed by this booking contract, of which the general terms and conditions form an integral part.
  2. The reservation is only firm and definitive after the payment of the service charge (by credit card) by the potential tenant at B&B.
  3. By accepting the general conditions, the prospective tenant acknowledges (1) that he has received all the practical details and information relating to the property he wishes to rent (2) that B&B’s mission is limited exclusively to putting the prospective tenant in contact with an owner who wishes to rent a residential property to him, under conditions freely agreed between the prospective tenant and the owner which are stipulated in the rental contract.
  4. The number of tenants may not exceed the number indicated on the booking contract.
  1. No potential tenant can be domiciled at the address indicated on the booking contract.
  2. B&B is not responsible for the execution of the rental contract concluded between the tenant and the owner, nor for any events that may occur (material or physical damage,) during the stay. The prospective tenant irrevocably waives any liability on the part of B&B.
  3. Once the reservation has been confirmed, the candidate tenant undertakes to do so: (1) to pay the amount of the rental guarantee to the owner at least 15 days before entering the premises; (2) to sign the rental contract with the owner at the latest on the day of his entry into the premises; (3) to pay the landlord, from the first day of his entry into the premises, the full amount due for the first four weeks of rental; (4) to scrupulously comply with all obligations under the rental contract.
  4. In the event of cancellation or termination of the reservation, the service charge will remain definitively acquired by B&B as compensation.
  5. If the accommodation reservation is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date in the accommodation, the fee is 16% of the total amount. Between 3 weeks and 8 days before arrival, the fee is 25% of the total amount. Less than 7 days before the arrival date, the fee is 50% of the total amount of the reservation.
  6. The lessee may terminate this agreement in the event of exceptional circumstances by sending a reasoned notice of termination by registered mail to the lessor, subject to a notice period of 4 weeks, starting from the day after the date of sending the notice.
  7. For stays of less than 90 days, a tourist tax of 3 euros (if the accommodation is in the owner’s main residence) and 4 euros (for the others) per night and per room will be charged to you upon your arrival by the owner. This amount will be payable to the owner.


Special general conditions for guest rooms:

  1. Any contract for booking accommodation with the inhabitant is made under the general conditions set out below as well as under the specific conditions set from case to case.
  2. Bed & Brussels (B&B) is the Federation of Bed and Breakfast and Private Accommodation. It undertakes to provide the applicant with information on the quality and characteristics of the accommodation according to its own classification.
  3. If the reservation of the guest room is cancelled more than 30 days before the arrival date in the accommodation, the fee is 16% of the total amount. Between 30 days and 3 weeks before the arrival date, the fee is 30% of the total amount. Between 20 and 8 days before arrival, the fee is 50% of the total amount. Less than 7 days before arrival, the entire stay is due.

4.The service charge paid in case of reservation is not refundable under any circumstances.

5. The number of visitors may not exceed the number indicated on the booking contract.

6. No visitor can be domiciled at the address indicated on the booking contract.

7. A tourist tax of 3 euros per night and per room will be requested from you upon your arrival by the owner.



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Legal information

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